The Tour of Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds

The students of the M.A. Human Rights had the opportunity to visit the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds on February 17th. The tour sought to answer the following questions: Why did so many people go to the Nazi Party Rallies, and what did they do there? What was expected of the Hitler Youth there? What was the purpose of the big buildings, and why are most of them unfinished?

Firstly, the group met with an alumnus of the M.A. Human Rights, Maximilian Deinlein, in DoKuPäd’s office. The tour started with a backward and forward journey to the time of National Socialism in this office. Then it continued to the old train station (Bahnhof Dutzendteich), where many of the participants of the Nazi party rallies came from at the time.

That followed, the tour continued with a visit to the Zeppelin Grandstand, a look at the Max-Morlock-Stadium (formerly the “Städtisches Stadion” where the “Hitlerjugend” day was held), and a walk to the Große Straße. Finally, the ruins of the planned German stadium Silbersee were examined, and the tour ended in the inner courtyard of the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds.