Our Students

World Map with the Countries of origin of the students of the Master for Human Rights marked in Blue

The states marked in blue on the map show the diversity of countries our students originate from. Meet some of them below:

Current Students

Name Laura Alejandra Barreto Navarro  Picture of Student Laura Barreto Navarro
From Colombia
Why I chose this programme I chose the M.A. Human Rights at FAU because I find the interdisciplinary approach to contemporaneous issues regarding human rights worldwide very interesting and necessary to face today’s challenges.
My opinion on the studies The division of the program in seminar and lecture classes allows both the learning and application of law, philosophy and politics of human rights in an integral way, making it possible to see the consequences of the theory in actual empirical phase; this –along with the tools the professors and the classes themselves give– makes it easier to identify the gaps and flaws in the protection of human rights and coming up with solutions for them.
My professional experience and goals My professional background has developed mostly as a lawyer and human rights defender working in a local NGO in Colombia called Comisión Colombiana de Juristas, there I had the chance to grow immensely personally and professionally and helped me figure out what I know today I am passionate about.

Coming from a country with a history of civil conflict that have had many official and unofficial actors and lasted for over half a century and that now faces a postconfict challenge after the signing of the Peace Agreement in 2016, my goals are focused mainly in the reconstruction of the colombian and Latin American societies and the search for the truth as opposed to impunity. My interests are also focused on the protection of vulnerable individuals and communities in their defense of dignity, sovereignty and self determination.

Additional comments Chosing the M.A. Human Rights at FAU has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career, the program has given me the opportunity to exchange experiences with people from all around the world that are as impassioned as myself, and learn from them and their background. FAU is an outstanding university with very qualified professors that truly care about their students and their development which I could definitely feel from day one.

Name Camila Chaudron Picture of current student Camila Chaudron
From Honolulu, Hawaii
Why I chose this programme The master’s in human rights at FAU is unique because it provides a solid foundation in the philosophical, political and legal aspects of the discipline before allowing students the opportunity to focus on our unique individual interests. My hope for this program is that it will position and empower me to become a better community advocate.
My opinion on the studies So far, the professors are everything I had hoped for and more! They are knowledgeable and kind. Perhaps even more enriching is the range of experience and expertise within the student body. We represent a wide range of cultures – we are not just learning with each other, we are learning from each other every day.
My professional experience and goals I so far have experience both in education, as a teacher and writer, and in law, as a paralegal. I would like to find a way to build on my passion for creating social justice curricula, but I am also interested in learning more about the opportunities to advance human rights causes within the legal field.
Additional comments Erlangen is a great city for students – it’s safe, people are extraordinarily kind, there are cultural opportunities galore. So far, FAU has surpassed expectations!

Name Maximilian Deinlein  Picture of current student Maximilian Deinlein
From Nuremberg, Germany
Why I chose this programme On the one hand I want to gain more experiences and specialized skills regarding human rights and its connected global coherences and political dynamics. On the other hand it is my wish to look at critical voices and discussions about it too. The modules and courses from law, politics and philosophy really caught my eye and it seems to be the perfect combination for me.
My opinion on the studies With the start of the master programme in October 2017 I experienced great support from all involved parties. I enjoy the participative structure in parts of the course design and the lecture contents, initiated discussions, always appropriate help and thoughtful organisation.


My professional experience and goals Since I started my 5 year vocational training to become an educator I was always interested in developments and events in connection with disadvantaged and discriminated groups of all kind. Within my following bachelor degree in Social Work in Nuremberg I had the chance to deepen this interests. The main topics for me were people with physical and mental handicaps, refugees, gender (mainstreaming), post-colonialism, anti-discrimination work as well as an anti-biased and diversity approach especially within early childhood education.


After two years of professional experience as a freelance educational consultant for political and social education I now work as a part-time educational referent and pedagogical staff member in an educational facility in Nuremberg. The main focus is on workshops with school classes about National Socialism, right-wing extremism, human rights, democracy and children rights to name a few examples. The M.A. Human Rights is a great opportunity to gain more knowledge and professionalism in the work area of education.

Additional comments Besides interesting lectures and discussions it is of a great value, that the master course of human rights provides such a great diversity of interesting and motivated participants. I was very happy to find many different professions, personalities, interesting stories and by far a huge amount of solidarity in between all students. I am very happy to be part of that group and I am looking forward to many more great moments within and beyond the master programme.


Name Simon Gutekunst picture of current student Simon Gutekunst
From Nürnberg, Germany
Why I chose this Programme My interest for this program is related to my work experience as a social worker and educator. My longstanding interest in Human Rights built within my professional and academic career has had an important role in my way of behaving and thinking. This Master’s degree program, with its legal, philosophical and political focus combined with my pedagogical perspectives and practical experiences is a unique chance and important step for me to become a human rights orientated social worker.
My opinion on the studies A very valuable aspect of this masters course is the variety of perspectives of the students. There is enough space for debating non-eurocentric, feminist and critical views and literature. Furthermore I feel a great appreciation from the professors for the opinions, ideas and approaches of the students.
My professional experience and goals Working in a housing project for unaccompanied minor refugees, caring for persons with disabilities, or teaching as a freelance educational trainer with the main topics racism, sexism and historical political education – these are only a few examples of the broad variety of areas I worked with as a social worker. In almost every topic social work is dealing with, Human Rights issues play a role – such as flight and migration, poverty and exploitation, sexualized violence against women and LGBTQ people, consequences of fleeing and war, sexism or racism. My goal is to use the valuable knowledge and experiences I am gaining from this Masters course in the practical field of Social Work as a Human Rights profession.

Name Mamun Kazi  picture of current student Mamun Kazi
From Bangladesh
Why I chose this programme The Master of Human Rights at this University will allow me to further explore my interest in the analysis of social structure and social inequalities. I am eager to broaden my understanding about the theories and practices related to women and child rights, as my ultimate goal is to be a pioneer researcher in this field. The Master will allow me to understand cultures and values from all over the world, which will then help me to analyze a social problem from various perspectives.


My opinion on the studies The MA Human Rights at FAU provides students with an opportunity to understand the theory and practice of human rights through an interdisciplinary perspective. It also requires a six month long research paper that enables students to do research by themselves, which means after graduating all students will be researchers. This will open the door to work in the academic field, as well as in international and bilateral NGOs all over the world.


My professional experience and goals I am a social development worker and have several years of experience in working with nonprofit organizations in the field of gender based violence, child rights, sexuality and reproductive health rights. Recently I worked for CARE Bangladesh and supported adolescent girls to acquire their rights. In future I would like to do my PhD, so that I can be a researcher.


Name Paula Andrea Mejia  picture of current student Paula Andrea Mejia
From Colombia
Why I chose this programme I find that the Master in Human Rights at FAU provides a holistic approach, so that we can work as professionals with integrated tools and an interdisciplinary focus.
My opinion on the studies (Same as above)
My professional experience and goals Over the last years I have worked in the non-governmental sector, specifically in peace building projects for children and youth that have been living in contexts of conflict in Colombia. Likewise, I have worked in corporate responsibility and sustainability with the private sector, building up programs that help accomplish social and environmental standards with different interest groups. My goal is to gain more knowledge and tools through this MA to be able to contribute, in different settings, to build a society whose main interest is the common good.

Name Sabita Purkuti  picture of current student Sabita Purkuti
From Nepal
Why I chose this programme I choose this program because it best meets my career goals. When I got to know about the program, I felt some kind of resonance deep inside me. It was something that I was looking for long. I had a feeling that the scope of the program and its intellectual diversity, both professors and students would help me complement my working experience in Human Rights in Nepal with theoretical backup.
My opinion on the studies In my point of view, the content of the program is intense and designed in a way to let international students develop multiple perspectives in understanding dynamics of Human Rights history and its greater implication in the world today and tomorrow.
My professional experience and goals I have almost a decade experience working with women dalits (historically much tragic community who is still compelled to bear inhuman practice of untouchability) in Nepal. Though Nepal has ratified many of the international Human Rights treaties and conventions, their implementation status is very pathetic. So, I aim to contribute to strengthen the Human Rights situation in Nepal helping people to get justice and dignity by utilizing the knowledge and expertise gained also using the network established through the program. I believe I would not only learn from the program but also add something to the greater whole bringing about the Human Rights issues and working experience with marginalized communities in Nepal.

Name Arlette Reyes Benz  Picture of Student Arlette Reyes Benz
From Chile
Why I chose this programme The main reason I had to choose the M.A. Human Rights in FAU was its interdisciplinary and international approach. In Latin America human rights are tending to be treated from a strict legal perspective and this make citizens believe that it is a problem only for lawyers or judges but not for them. In my experience, in order to making sense of human rights in modern democracies we need to develop a broader perspective so that we can use them in favour of the contemporary social transformations.
My opinion on the studies I think the proposal of the academic team of the programme is very refreshing because they see human rights studies as a complex field with issues that need to be addressed from a legal, political and philosophical perspective in order to become the common ground for the dialogue within our shared human diversity. In my opinion, this interdisciplinary approach and also the teaching methodology of the professors give us the theoretical and practical tools that my colleagues and I are going to need in our future professional performance.
My professional experience and goals Before I started my studies in FAU I graduated as a lawyer from Universidad de Chile and studied a Master in Education in Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación. Since 2015, I have both volunteered and worked in different NGOs related to human rights advocacy and human rights education, because for me the development of a consistent human rights culture needs not only well prepared academics and institutions but also an aware, organised and critical civil society. After I finish my studies in FAU I want to keep working in the human rights field hoping that this contributes to develop an inclusive and equal global society.

I would like to highlight the privileged environment that FAU provide us to discuss and think about human rights issues from a critical point of view with likeminded people from all over the world. This is an ideal place to learn about international experiences and prepared ourselves for the challenges we are facing in the new century. We need to find new solutions for the conflicts that arise every day and I truly believe this kind of exchange of ideas stimulates the creativity and the courage that we need to do so.

Additional comments

Name Ana María Ríos  Picture of Student Ana María Ríos
From Colombia
Why I chose this programme This Master program includes a well-rounded approach to Human Rights, examining it not only from the legal perspective but from other disciplines and on both a regional and an international level. In addition, this program allows to exchange with professionals from all over the world, being able to have a multicultural study experience.
My opinion on the studies The professors have a great knowledge and experience in the Human Rights field making every class an opportunity to enhance through an encouraging and supportive learning environment. The structure of the program is very coherent and allows us from the second semester to choose the subjects of interest of each one.
My professional experience and goals I worked for the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Colombia where I applied qualitative and quantitative methodologies for the analysis of drug trafficking and organized crime dynamics at the local level to identify risks related to criminal networks, among which are highlighted, human trafficking, smuggling of migrants and homicide.

Name María Gabriela Valenzuela Robles  picture of current student María Valenzuela
From Chile
Why I chose this programme I chose this program looking to expand my legal training and learn from other disciplines. One of the great advantages of the program is the sum of philosophical, political and legal perspectives on human rights. This interdisciplinary approach was decisive when deciding in favour of the M.A. in FAU. In addition, I was interested in deepening my previous knowledge of the protection of refugees, a subject in which the German experience has much to offer.
My opinion on the studies During this first semester my experience has been very positive. I would highlight the professional background of the academics in charge of each chair, along with their teacher training. In my perspective, each one manages to combine a solid handling of the contents with the ability to transmit them to a heterogeneous group of students. This diversity has been another highlight of the program. The opportunity to share with students from different continents, cultures and experiences, all motivated by the development of human rights, has been unique and challenging.


My professional experience and goals I received my training as a lawyer in the Faculty of Law of the University of Chile. My undergraduate thesis focused on access to health for undocumented migrant women. Then, I had the opportunity to work with migrants during my professional practice in the Specialized Office of Human Rights, under the Ministry of Justice of Chile. The interest in the field of human rights led me to found the NGO Raíz Migrante, with the aim of providing legal advice to Latin American immigrants. My goal is to return to Chile and continue working at the intersection between poverty and law, in favour of vulnerable groups.


Name Mongui Ojong Eyumeneh  picture of graduated student Mongui Ojong Eyumeneh
From Cameroon
Graduated in 2016
Why I chose this programme I became interested in the programme because of its multidimensional approach of Human Rights.
My opinion on the studies It is a programme I will recommend to anyone who wants to study Human Rights and build a career in Human Rights. It touches all aspects relating to Human Rights; Human Rights Law, Politics and the philosophical approach of Human Rights. Coming from a Law background, I got to learn about the political and philosophical approach of Human Rights which has given me a broader scope and understanding of Human Rights.
My professional experience and goals Before my Studies I worked as a protection assistant with UNHCR Cameroon and also a voluntary human rights officer in Cameroon and in Nakuru, Kenya. My goal is to acquire knowledge and experience in relation to the rights and protection of migrants and create an impact together with other professionals and experts in the field of migration and refugee protection which for a period of time has been a troubling aspect in the world at large.
Additional comments My Two years of studies was a wonderful experience. A very friendly learning environment with very understanding professors and coordinator who are always there to help the students.
Current Occupation I am presently a PhD candidate at the Law Faculty of FAU, working on migration as my topic of research.
Master Thesis Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association and Peaceful Assembly in Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Name Dr. med. Ursula Hahn, MA (Human Rights)  picture of graduated student Ursula Hahn
From Germany
Graduated in 2015
Why I chose this programme To know about the UN, the WHO, the right to health, the origins of human rights and the limitations of modern medicine
My opinion on the studies Very interesting and rewarding
My professional experience and goals Doctor of internal medicine, international medical specializations including biotechnology, emergency medicine and public health
Additional comments I am glad I could participate. I wish all graduates power and good luck in advancing human rights!
Current Occupation  Physician; chairwoman of the board of Gesundheit und Medizin in Erlangen e.V.
Master Thesis Indicator Systems to Improve Health and Promote Human Rights. A comparative investigation

Name Hyun Jung Lee (Grace)  picture of graduated student Hyun Jung Lee (Grace)
From South Korea
Graduated in 2016
Why I chose this programme While I practiced law in Korea, I always had interests in human rights law and philosophy. I am very pleased that I can finish the master study in human rights and continue my study as a PhD degree.
My opinion on the studies I think the program is well organized, above all, I am very satisfied with the best professors to teach in the program.
My professional experience and goals I practiced law as a litigation lawyer in Korea for about three years before coming to this program in Germany. I want to study for the PhD in human rights law and want to teach in the university or some other human rights/constitutional law institutions.
Additional comments Thank you very much for the wonderful time with the best professors and good colleagues.
Current Occupation Currently enrolled as a PhD student under the supervision of Professor Sieckmann at Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany


Master Theses

Hsin-Yi Chen Human Rights Response to Public Harassment: Filling Gaps of Women’s Protection
Luanda Maria de Moura Ferreira Protecting Human Rights in the Brazilian Garment Industry with Special Focus on Migrant Workers
Dr. Ursula Hahn Indicator Systems to Improve Health and Promote Human Rights. A comparative investigation
Carina Harbeuther The Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence – An innovative instrument for longstanding demands
Michael Joson   Freedom of religion or belief – Respecting the will of Jehova’s Witnesses Patients to refuse blood transfusions: A Human Rights Approach
Christian Schirmer World Cups, Fifa and Human Rights. Human Rights Impacts of World Cups in their Hosts States and the Responsibility of World Football Association Fifa.
Sabine Wamser   Refugee crisis of Rohingya from a Human Rights Perspective

Natalia Bórquez Towards Transformative Equality in the Work of the IACtHR and the IACHR. Social rights and vulnerability of women to violence
Rejoice Gbeworza-Dogbe Human Rights Approach to maternal deaths? Examining the “other side” of the story of maternal mortality in Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone
Marwa Hamed The International Framework of Using Drones as Electronic Surveillance Tool in the Context of Human Rights Field
Hyungjoon Jun Critical Remarks on “Asian Values” from the Human Rights Perspective
Hyun Jung Lee European Court of Human Rights and Same Sex Marriage: Proportionality of something else?
Gretel Alexandra Mejía Bonifazi Unthreading the weave of silence over sexual violence: an analysis of the Sepur Zarco in Guatemala
Mongui Ojong Eyumeneh Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association and Peaceful Assembly in Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Petar Ristic The Right to Self-Representation in International Criminal Proceedings: Narrowing the Space for Unrepresented Defendants in the Interests of Justice