picture of Ingrid Leijten

Dr. Ingrid Leijten

Dr. Ingrid Leijten is the 2019 Guest Professor in the Gender and Diversity Programme of the FAU. She holds Master degrees in Law and Political Science from Leiden University and Columbia University in New York. She completed her PhD thesis at Leiden Law School under the supervision of Professor Janneke Gerards. Currently, she is an assistant professor at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law in Leiden, where she works on national, European and international fundamental rights protection, with a focus on economic and social rights and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). She is the author of Core Socio-Economic Rights and the European Court of Human Rights (Cambridge University Press, 2018) and publishes on developments related to, e.g., indivisible rights protection, social security as a human right, and judicial reasoning. She is a member of the editorial board of the Dutch Journal of Human Rights (NTM), a deputy judge at the District Court of Rotterdam, and regularly informs government authorities on rights issues.