Kelly Liu Kit Yin

Hong Kong | Batch 2019-2020

Thoughts on the programme: The master programme in Human Rights in FAU provides an interdisciplinary and international approach to look into the practice, limitations and possibilities of human rights which perfectly matches my expectation. The programme is excellent. The professors and teaching staff are highly qualified. I am also looking forward to learning from my experienced peers from around the world.

Professional background: I am a journalist. I worked in the newsroom, focusing on social news about students with special needs, disabled people and ethnic minorities. My article titled „Scholars shocked to find 33% primary school students with special needs victims of bullying“ was awarded Human Rights Press Awards 2018 by the Amnesty International, the Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Hong Kong and Hong Kong Journalists Association.

I also looked for more media coverage and policy change for underprivileged groups. I experienced the difficulties of human rights defenders in both newsroom and society. Over time, I realised protection for human rights is necessary, but to do so, one has to have an understanding of international and national human rights law. More importantly, it is also about politics while talking about real policy change. My interest in human rights rose more after the protest outbreaks caused by the Extradition Bill in Hong Kong. In the future, I would like to advocate for human rights, using both my journalistic skills and human rights knowledge obtained in this programme.
I look forward to what I will become.


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