Necmettin Türk

Turkey | Batch 2019-2020

Thoughts on the programme: The M.A. Human Rights at the FAU has an interdisciplinary and holistic approach. I completed my bachelor degree in philosophy at Bogazici University. The multi-dimensional political and philosophical perspective of this programme will enable me to create new ways of consideration and understanding of human rights’ current concepts and human right violation combating methods. I also think this programme is the right place to combine research and activism.

The programme’s professors are scholars with a wide range of professional and practical experiences. These experiences, in combination with a multi-dimensional theoretical approach, form part of their teaching. It is a great privilege to study and share with colleagues who have different professional, cultural and geographical backgrounds.

Professional background: Since 2013, I have both volunteered and worked with different NGOs related to human rights advocacy and human rights education. At the Diyarbakır branch of Human Rights Association(IHD), I participated in field research on ethnographic studies, gender and armed conflict in Diyarbakır between 2013- 2017. As part of the team, I contributed by preparing reports on these cases.

Additionally, I conducted seminars and gave lectures on topics including the ethnic minorities’ rights, psycho-political analysis of fear, consequences of villages’ evacuation, struggle against enforced disappearances, democratic mindset and civil society role in the human rights struggle. From 2014-2016, I worked at Southeast Anatolia Municipalities Union (GABB) as an educationist and consultant. I expect that during this programme, I will be able to develop competence for this struggle, from the methodological and conceptual aspects. I am eager to continue my academic studies in this direction (a future PhD) with the academic support of this programme.


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