Adriana Masgras

Italy | Batch 2020-2021

Thoughts on the programme: This Master programme was the perfect choice for me thanks to its diversity: combining three key disciplines, Law, Philosophy and Political Science, the lectures and seminars offered have helped me gain a holistic understanding of international human rights, whilst allowing me to choose specializations of interest to me: Human Rights of Refugees, Gender and Human Rights, Business and Human Rights and International Criminal Law.

The professors and my fellow students’ diverse professional as well as personal backgrounds have enriched this experience by providing unique experiences and perspectives, making this programme highly interactive and engaging.

Professional background: After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Padua (Italy), I relocated to Australia where I worked for the South Australian Department for Child Protection, mostly case managing children and young people in long-term alternative care and triaging notifications of child abuse and neglect. This experience, together with my own personal history, has fueled my passion for human rights and my desire to broaden my knowledge and understanding through this Master programme.

In conjunction with my studies, I am undertaking an internship in the Disability Rights Division at Human Rights Watch, which is helping me build skills in conducting desk research, advocacy and media monitoring in relation to human rights.

In the future I wish to continue promoting and protecting human rights, especially the rights of children, persons with disabilities and migrants, and pursue my keen interest in investigative work.