How to apply

Applications for the programme need to be submitted online through the university’s online application platform Campo. Applying for the programme is a straightforward process. We recommend preparing electronic copies of all documents required (see list below) but you can also save your application and finish it later. It will only be assessed if it is complete and has been formally submitted.

We are excited to announce that applications for the academic year 2023/24 are now accepted. The application deadline is 31 May 2023. Early application is strongly encouraged and will be processed accordingly.

You need to first create an account at the university’s IdM portal. Then you can log in to Campo with your username and password to create and submit your application.

You do not have to post anything. Documents sent by email or post will not be accepted. 

You will be required to upload:

  1. Copies of your previous university degree(s), including transcript(s) of records and, if available, diploma supplement(s).
  2. Proof of your professional and voluntary experiences in the form of, for example, recommendation letters or work contracts—your CV is not sufficient!
  3. Proof of English language skills.
  4. A short application essay (appr. 1–3 pages) guided by the following questions:
    1. What is the relevance of your professional and/or voluntary experience specifically to the field of human rights?
    2. Describe a specific instance of a human rights violation and explain why you think this constitutes a human rights violation.
    3. What do you think is the biggest human rights issue in your country? Why?

How to use campo

Please watch FAU’s video on how to apply using campo.  Please note, however, that the contents of the application form as such differ a little for the M.A. Human Rights, and that you are required to show proof of English language skills, not German.