Hayatullah Jawad

Afghanistan | Batch 2020-2021

Thoughts on the programme: The M.A. Human Rights programme of FAU is a unique interdisciplinary programme that logically ties the practical experiences of students with human rights law and politics in a theoretical ground of human rights philosophy. The programme is enriched by practical research and case studies which in the presence of students from different parts of the world with different experiences in the human rights field, it makes a unique atmosphere for learning and creativity. Also, the programme enjoys professionalism and commitment as top values in all its layers which significantly improves the quality of education within the programme and commitment for human rights among all students.

I chose the M.A. Human Rights in order to boost my practical knowledge with theoretical and professional knowledge in the human rights field. And every day of the programme gives me the impression that I have made the right choice. I am confident that this programme will enable me to effectively fight for human rights in the complex situation of my country in the future and play a significant positive role in the human rights field of our region.

Professional background: I am the founder and director of the Afghan Human Rights Research and Advocacy Organization AHRRAO, whose mandate is to contribute to the establishment of a capable society based on rule of law where all citizens are aware of their rights and dare to claim them through rule of law. I received my bachelor’s degree from the Persian Literature Faculty of Balkh University in Afghanistan. I have worked as a Field Monitoring Officer and a Monitoring and Investigation Senior Assistant for about 10 years in the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission north regional office, Civic Education Officer in Afghanistan Joint Election Management Body Secretariat north regional office, Child Protection officer in Save the Children UK and was a member of the EU Election monitoring team in northern Afghanistan during the Afghanistan 2009 presidential election. In the framework of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission AIHRC, in addition to regular monitoring of citizens’ access to economic, social and cultural rights, I was also responsible for investigating individual human rights violation cases. In this position, I have been involved in the investigation of many different cases of civil and political and as well as economic, social and cultural rights. Moreover, I am a member of the Afghanistan Constitutional Studies Institute ACSI which is established and supported by the Max Plank Institute for the Rule of Law in Afghanistan.

Currently, I am working in Afghanistan with a particular focus on conducting studies on factors contributing to the destabilization of my country which results in significant human rights violations. Through our studies, we develop and implement measures which support sustainable social peace in Afghanistan, including but not limited to advocacy and awareness raising programmes at the local level. The result of our research enables us to raise the voice of Afghans at the national and international level. In this context, our active participation in the Doha peace conference for Afghanistan in 2019 and Peace for all Afghans conference in Brussels in 2013 are just a few examples.