Ilyas Ali Hassan

Somalia | Graduated in 2017

Thoughts on the programme: I am very grateful that I attended this multidisciplinary programme. The learning atmosphere was perfect. I highly enjoyed the in-depth discussions with my classmate, where we shared our experiences in the human right field. The professors and the whole staff offered me generous support during the course of my studies. I am grateful to the entire faculty for enhancing my knowledge.

Professional background: I have a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Mogadishu University, Somalia. Before joining the M.A Human Rights programme, I earned certificates in International Cooperation, Advanced Business and International Criminal Law from the Humanitarian Aid Studies Centre in Spain and the University of Applied Sciences of Amberg-Weiden, Germany.

I have worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Somalia. I have also served as Human Resources Director at Mogadishu Port. I have as well worked with various humanitarian organizations in Somalia, Greece, and Germany. Currently, I am a member of the Upper House of the Federal Parliament of Somalia. I represent the Southwest state. I also serve as the Chairman of the National Resource Committee of the Senate and Foreign Affairs Secretary of Himilo Qaran Party.