Simon Gutekunst

Germany | Graduated in 2019

Thoughts on the programme: This Master’s degree programme, with its legal, philosophical and political focus combined with my pedagogical perspectives and practical experiences was a unique chance and important step for me to become a human rights orientated social worker. A very valuable aspect of this programme is the variety of perspectives of the students. There is enough space for debating non-eurocentric, feminist and critical views and literature. Furthermore, I felt great appreciation from the professors for their opinions, ideas and approaches of the students.

Professional background: I am a social worker.  I have worked with a housing project for unaccompanied minor refugees and persons with disabilities. I am also working as a freelance educational trainer focusing on racism, sexism and historical-political education. Almost every topic that social work addresses human rights play a role – be it flight and migration, poverty and exploitation, sexualised violence against women and LGBTQ people, consequences of fleeing and war, sexism or racism. My goal during the studies was to use the valuable knowledge and experiences I was gaining in the practical field of Social Work as a Human Rights profession.

Currently, I’m working for the Youth Council of Middle-Franconia (Bezirksjugendring Mittelfranken) – the standing conference of youth leagues, youth organisations and youth initiatives in Middle-Franconia. Within the organisation, I’m responsible for the arrangement of conferences, seminars and consultations regarding the field of “Youth & Migration”.