The last day of the Geneva Excursion

On the fourth and final day of the Geneva excursion, the students of the Masters of Human rights program visited the International Labour Organization (ILO). There, the group of students were given an orientation and tour of the ILO by Mr Remo Becci, Sections Des communications et Des dossiers. The students were enlightened about the architectural coalitions of the ILO building, revealing that the of the building is a representation of different strata of the society, giving significance to workers, employers and the government. During the trip, much information was provided about the previous directors and their tributes.

The students were provided with a synopsis of how the proceedings of the meetings are. Mr Becci addressed us about the role of states, and the different conventions commencing from 1919. The session served as an interactive session and various doubts were cleared.

The itinerary of the trip was completed with the session of ILO being the conclusive agenda. The 13 students of this program come from diverse nations, but everybody shared a dream of visiting the United Nations someday. The excursion was a dream come true for all. The excursion enabled the students to develop insight, providing them with the direction and possibility of what they want to follow. Apart from direction, everyone got a lot of motivation to work to achieve their targets in life.

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