Ebony Arianne Lautner

Philippines | Graduated in 2019

Thoughts on the programme: I believe that this Master’s programme is very well-rounded in the way that it marries the legal, philosophical and political dimensions of human rights. While we learn a lot about the theories, the history of treaties or social movements, we also learn practical anecdotes on how hard it sometimes is to change perceptions, to let the marginalised be heard and to fight for freer and fairer societies.  We learn not only from our very competent professors but also our classmates since everyone comes with experience from various fields. What I cherish the most are the moments outside of the classroom, where we just bond over coffee and our visions for our home countries — discussing historical and cultural contexts, geopolitics, religion, and the like. I don’t think any other program would have given me such a global and current perspective.

Professional background: I have worked with non-governmental organisations for about eight years and have experience in the sustainability, CSR and social development fields. As I have a communications background, I was organising events, seminars, conferences, campaigns and projects in subjects such as ASEAN Integration, regional cooperation, social entrepreneurship, community development, and financial literacy for small-holder farmers and artisanal communities.