Ethiopia G. Abera

Ethiopia | Graduated in 2021

Thoughts on the programme: Having a background in law and humanitarian studies, I have always been passionate about studying a programme on human rights, one that is strictly not legal. The M.A in Human Rights at the FAU fits this description well because it not only consists of the legal aspects but also philosophical studies on human rights. The courses allow students to have an open discussion by creating a platform for the exchange of ideas.

Additionally, the programme has brilliant professors who are experts in the field and programme staff who are always supportive and in close contact with students.

Professional background: My professional background encompasses both legal and humanitarian work. Prior to commencing my masters at FAU, I have worked as a child protection officer at Save the Children International with the experience of working with refugees. Additionally, I have also served as a junior legal expert at the Ministry of Industry in Ethiopia as well as volunteered at various NGOs committed to the protection of women and children’s rights.
During my study at FAU, I have completed a legal internship at the International Nuremberg Principles Academy focusing on international criminal law and human rights.