Julia Mazina

USA | Batch 2020-2021

Thoughts on the programme: I enjoy the interdisciplinary nature of this programme; combining the three areas of philosophy, political science, and law provides us with a well-rounded, holistic approach to human rights. The professors are very knowledgeable and foster rich discussions between the students in every class.

All my classmates are experienced human rights professionals and contribute so much to my education. I am grateful to be able to learn from and alongside these talented and dedicated human rights defenders. I am excited to develop and deepen my knowledge and understanding of human rights on a practical and theoretical level.

Professional background: I have been involved with several healthcare and women’s rights nonprofits in the US and Canada. I spent the majority of my time with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, working to provide consistent and affordable access to abortion services throughout the US, as well as the National Women’s Political Caucus, helping to elect pro-choice women to local, national, and federal levels of US government. I also volunteered with Immigration Equality, a nonprofit that provides pro bono legal help to LGBTQ+ and HIV+ individuals seeking asylum or refuge in the US.