Mamun Kazi

Bangladesh | Graduated in 2019

Thoughts on the programme: The Master of Human Rights allowed me to explore further my interest in the analysis of the social structure and social inequalities. As I am eager to broaden my understanding of the theories and practices related to women and child rights, my ultimate goal is to be a pioneer researcher in this field. The Master helped me to understand cultures and values from all over the world, which will then help me to analyse a social problem from various perspectives.

The M.A. Human Rights at FAU provides students with an opportunity to understand the theory and practice of human rights through an interdisciplinary perspective. It also requires a six-month-long research paper that enables students to research by themselves, which means after graduating all students will be researchers. This will open the door to work in the academic field, as well as in international and bilateral NGOs all over the world.

Professional background: I am a social development worker and have several years of experience in working with nonprofit organisations in the field of gender-based violence, child rights, sexuality and reproductive health rights. Recently I worked for CARE Bangladesh and supported adolescent girls to acquire their rights. In future, I would like to do my PhD so that I can be a researcher.