María Gabriela Valenzuela Robles

Chile | Graduated in 2019

Thoughts on the programme: I chose this program looking to expand my legal training and learn from other disciplines. One of the great advantages of the program is the sum of philosophical, political and legal perspectives on human rights. This interdisciplinary approach was decisive when deciding in favour of the M.A. in FAU. In addition, I was interested in deepening my previous knowledge of the protection of refugees, a subject in which the German experience has much to offer.

I would highlight the professional background of the academics in charge of each chair, along with their teacher training. In my perspective, each one manages to combine solid handling of the contents with the ability to transmit them to a heterogeneous group of students. This diversity has been another highlight of the program. The opportunity to share with students from different continents, cultures and experiences, all motivated by the development of human rights, has been unique and challenging.

Professional background: I received my training as a lawyer in the Faculty of Law of the University of Chile. My undergraduate thesis focused on access to health for undocumented migrant women. Then, I had the opportunity to work with migrants during my professional practice in the Specialized Office of Human Rights, under the Ministry of Justice of Chile. The interest in the field of human rights led me to found the NGO Raíz Migrante, with the aim of providing legal advice to Latin American immigrants. My goal is to return to Chile and continue working at the intersection between poverty and law, in favour of vulnerable groups.