Marwa Hamed

Egypt | Graduated in 2017

Thoughts on the programme: What drew my attention to the programme firstly was its multidisciplinary design; since I am from a political science background, I was eager to know more about the legal and the social aspects of human rights. The very prominent names of the professors, who oversee the programme increased my trust towards the programme, as well. Now, after finishing my course, I realized how professional was the academic and administrative sides of the programme. I really couldn’t feel more comfortable and academically enriched, as I felt during this programme. On the other hand, being acquainted with students from different cultural backgrounds made the experience more profound and rich. The programme enabled me also to have the chance to be a part of volunteering experience at the Centre of Helping Migrants at the Erlangen Rathaus.

Professional background: I am a political science researcher and civil society worker. I took my first master’s degree in the field of International Relations at Cairo University- Faculty of Economics and Political Science. I worked as project manager to several Egyptian NGOs, as; the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights and El-Sadat Association for Development. My specialization was on managing projects related to the development of human rights awareness in Egypt.

Where are they now? Studying as a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Philosophy at FAU, as well as being an academic Consultant at Egypt Scholars. Marwa is also the Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Maqasid Institute, a global think tank nonprofit.

How did the M.A. Human Rights help them get there? “Participating in the M.A. Human Rights was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. I learned many skills such as team working and the ability to communicate with people from different cultures. While I was living in Germany I was able to participate in different activities which have also added great value to myself; including volunteering at the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights -Berlin, and working with
refugees at AWO Centre Erlangen-Germany.”