Mujahid Munib

Afghanistan | Batch 2021-2022

Thoughts on the programme:  Human rights values, its challenges and realization can be found in the entire world. The existence of an interdisciplinary master study programme with knowledgeable professors and multicultural students from different countries and continents, leads to discussion full of learning and knowledge. The topics in the whole programme especially the second semester subjects as Gender and Human Rights, International Criminal Law and Transitional Justice, etc. are key to strengthening our individual analysis and magnifying our understanding about the human rights situation.

The professors and coordinators’ assistance and support are admirable and always available, and through their kind support, I was nominated and awarded a DAAD scholarship. I am pleased to be part of this programme to learn more from such brilliant persons.

Professional background: I received my Bachelor degree in Law Jurisprudence in 2008 and Master of International Law in 2018 in Afghanistan. I have a Certificate in Principal of Advocacy from Human Rights Education Association (HREA) in the U.S, and Gender Adviser from Folke Bernadotte Academy in Sweden. In 2009 I started a job as an Attorney then as Legal Clinic Supervisor with International Legal Foundation of Afghanistan (ILF-A). I provided Legal Aid for hundreds indigent people and ran Legal clinic for students of Law and Sharia faculties, taught Laws, conducted orientation and mock trials to students.

In 2012 I joined the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) as Legal Adviser/Gender Justice up to 2017. I conducted many trainings for lawyers, judges and prosecutors as well as provided professional and technical support for Elimination Violence against Women (EVAW) prosecution, Department of Women Affairs (MoWAs,) and for Women Protection Center (WPC), for the purpose of protecting women and improving women rights. I developed training curriculums, was a member of Criminal Legal Reforms Working Groups (CLRWG).

As a lecturer, I taught criminal procedure law and legal writing skills in Tabish and Maiwand private universities in Kabul-Afghanistan. I developed training manuals for Supreme Court judges while working as Legal Analysis with Checchi/USAID. From 2019 to August 2021 I worked as Judicial Affairs Expert with the Administration Office of the President (AOP).