Natalia Bórquez

Chile | Graduated in 2017

Thoughts on the programme: I chose the program because of its multidisciplinary nature. There is a wide offer of human rights master programme in Germany and Europe, only focus on law. For me, an interdisciplinary approach is more relevant because it allows a better understanding of Human Rights.

I believe that the curriculum of the program covers the most relevant aspects of human rights comprehensively. Also, there is the possibility of choosing electives according to the areas of interest of each one. On the other hand, professors have outstanding experience and knowledge of human rights, which is decisive in the quality of the program. Being able to share with colleagues from all over the world also allows us not only to know different personal realities but also contextualise human rights in different social and cultural realities.

Professional background: I am a lawyer who graduated from the University of Concepción, Chile. My professional experience has been related to the promotion and protection of the rights of women and vulnerable groups. My goal is to continue specialising in human rights, through the doctorate at FAU. I am also interested in being able to combine work in the academy with activism in civil society organisations. I think it is crucial, especially in the area of human rights, to maintain constant contact with vulnerable groups and to be able to understand their struggles and how the law becomes a useful tool to break down the obstacles of what they are subject to.

I am currently based in the city of Concepción, Chile. I am part of the NGO Amaranta, which is dedicated to the education and promotion of women’s rights and diversity, with an intersectional approach. I am also part of the legal office “Colectiva-Justicia en Derechos Humanos”, which is an organisation of lawyers and law students dedicated to the promotion, protection and deepening of human rights through strategic litigation before the courts of justice and workshops for institutions and the community.