Nchong Ojong-Eyumeneh

Cameroon | Graduated in 2021

Thoughts on the programme: I chose this program because it is an interdisciplinary master’s program which focuses on different human rights issues and challenges. Coming from Africa and Cameroon in particular, where enforcing human rights tend to be difficult, it is important to know all about the different aspects of human rights especially politics to be able to navigate the playing field.

The academic team is made up of experienced professors who are not only there to teach but also guide the students. The classes are very interactive, with room for dialogue and brainstorming giving students the opportunity to learn from the experiences of one another and about human rights issues from countries other than their own.

I am happy I choose the master’s in human rights at FAU because it has not only made me gain academic knowledge but has also been insightful in helping me decide on how to pursue my career in the field of human rights.

Professional background: Before commencing my studies in FAU, I worked as a human rights advocate in Cameroon particularly focused on the rights of women and children. Gender-Based Violence was my area of interest and continues to be.  Advocating for the rights of women is something I am deeply passionate about and with the acquired knowledge and experience do hope to continue creating awareness and empowerment.