Necmettin Türk

Turkey | Graduated in 2021

Thoughts on the programme: The M.A. Human Rights at the FAU has an interdisciplinary and holistic approach. This authentic interdisciplinary approach enables to be able to consider, interpret and understand human rights’ struggles and challenges philosophically, politically, legally and historically. I also think this programme is the right place to combine research and activism.

The programme’s professors are very friendly and supportive as well as have a wide range of professional and practical experiences. These experiences, in combination with a multi-dimensional theoretical approach, form part of their teaching. It is a great privilege to study and share with colleagues who have different professional, cultural and geographical backgrounds. I will miss all these lovely people.

Professional background: Since 2013, I have both volunteered and worked with different NGOs related to human rights advocacy and human rights education. At the Diyarbakır branch of the Human Rights Association (IHD), I had conducted field research and drafted reports in the research team on forced displacement and armed conflict and their impacts on the social and economic life in Diyarbakir between 2013- 2017. At the same time, I worked at Southeast Anatolia Municipalities Union (GABB) from 2014 to 2016 professionally as an educationist and consultant. Besides, I conducted seminars and held lectures on topics including the ethnic minorities’ rights, psycho-political analysis of enforced disappearances, consequences of villages’ evacuation, civil society role in the human rights struggle and peacebuilding.

Although the pandemic has created many challenges, I learnt a lot and developed my skills at this program both for being an academic candidate and working for civil society organisations or related professions.