Preeti Jain

India | Batch 2020-2021

Thoughts on the programme: I chose this programme because I wanted a holistic understanding of human rights and social justice. I enjoy this programme because it focuses on the three important dimensions of human rights- politics, philosophy and law. We can also specialise in the second semester by picking seminars from a wide range of topics offered to us. Another aspect that I would like to highlight about the programme is the class’s diversity, which is crucial to the discussions. I am learning from my classmates who have worked in a different organization worldwide.


Professional background: I am a filmmaker by profession and have made films on educational reform and gender-neutral parenting in India. I have worked with an organization working with homeless children in Delhi, Human Rights Law Network, which provides pro bono legal aid to vulnerable sections of the society and  also with the British Council Youth Project to impart sex education to students. I have been involved with the refugee community and the Roma community in the UK, teaching them English language to integrate better in the society. I have been briefly involved with International Human Rights Film Festival, Nuremberg.

At present, I work as a Research Assistant with the Centre for Health Law, Ethics and Technology, India.