Sabita Purkuti

Nepal | Graduated in 2019

Thoughts on the programme: I choose this program because it best meets my career goals. When I got to know about the program, I felt some kind of resonance deep inside me. It was something that I was looking for long. I had a feeling that the scope of the program and its intellectual diversity, both professors and students would help me complement my working experience in Human Rights in Nepal with theoretical backup.

In my point of view, the content of the program is intense and designed in a way to let international students develop multiple perspectives in understanding dynamics of human rights history and its greater implication in the world today and tomorrow.

Professional background: I have almost a decade experience working with women dalits (historically much tragic community who is still compelled to bear inhuman practice of untouchability) in Nepal. Though Nepal has ratified many of the international human rights treaties and conventions, their implementation status is very pathetic. So, I aim to contribute to strengthen the human rights situation in Nepal helping people to get justice and dignity by utilizing the knowledge and expertise gained also using the network established through the program. I believe I would not only learn from the program but also add something to the greater whole bringing about the human rights issues and working experience with marginalized communities in Nepal.