Professional development workshop for M.A. Human Rights students

Human rights work presents many challenges. Finding gainful employment in the sector can be a particularly discouraging challenge without proper preparation. That is why an alumna from the M.A. in Human Rights program, Ms Camila Chaudron, offered up her skills and experience navigating the job application process to help current students prepare for re-entry to the workplace.

In a three-hour session explicitly targeted for human rights masters students, participants learned about tips and ideas to boost their Resumes, how to formulate a winning cover letter, and gained new tools for the search process. Given the current pandemic, the session was held virtually this year to ensure everyone’s health and safety. During the session, essential questions like how to prepare for an interview, and how to organize the job search process using project management tools.

Additionally, this voluntary Saturday morning session identified the need for greater networking between classes. To address this need, the facilitator created a shared Slack group open to all human rights students, alumni, professors, and other professionals so that they can connect and share fellowships, events, and job opportunities.

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