Opening of the academic year 2020/21

On the 2nd of November, professors and staff of the M. A. Human Rights welcomed the new batch of students. This year’s batch is, as all in the past very international. For the first time, we have students from Italy, Greece, South Africa, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.

When asked what the new students are looking forward to, Mark Freedman from Canada, a teacher, replied:  “I look forward to broadening my knowledge on human rights in this interdisciplinary programme.” Just before joining the programme, Mark worked with non-governmental organisations focusing on access to education both in England and Malawi. His career ambition is to work for an international human rights organisation after his graduation. Similarly, Adriana Masgras, a social worker from Italy replied that her passion for human rights was the reason for applying to this programme. Before joining the programme, she worked in child protection in Australia.

The opening session took place in a hybrid format, as half of the new batch has not made it to Erlangen yet due to reasons related to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our programme hopes that we will get to meet all our new students soon.