Graduation Ceremony 2023

Graduates of 2023 with Dr. Herberger-Fofana, Professors and Programme Coordinator

On 20 October, the graduation ceremony of the class of 2023 took place at the Orangerie in Erlangen. Six of our graduates from the past year came and celebrated together with the staff and new students.

Congratulations by FAU Prof. Krjewski to 2023 MA HR graduates

Prof. Krajewski opened the ceremony with a short introduction about the uniqueness and heterogeneity of the degree programme and its graduates. He emphasised the importance human rights had in the past, have today and will have in the future. 

After the graduates had received their congratulations we were looking forward to hearing from our guest of honor Dr. Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana, who studied and graduated at FAU in Erlangen herself.

Speech by Dr. Herzberger-Fofana

Dr. Herzberger-Fofana has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2019. Her policy priorities are women’s rights and gender equality, relations between the EU, Africa, the Pacific and the Caribbean, anti-racism and diversity, as well as sustainable and equitable development cooperation. Besides these topics, she also talked about „Female Genital Mutilation” (FGM) and Human Rights from an intersectional perspective. She drew attention to the fact that many girls and women in Europe and Germany also become victims of this practice.

After a round of questions, we proceeded with a reception and let the evening come to an end.

We congratulate all graduates and wish you a successful future!