Meet the Author Workshop with Başak Çalı

In advance of the World Comparative Law Conference, held in Erlangen on the 29th and 30th of June,
human rights scholar and keynote speaker, Başak Çalı, hosted a meet-the-author formatted workshop to give insight behind the development of her article, “Hard Protection through Soft Courts? Non-
Refoulement before the United Nations Treaty Bodies”.

After introducing her research and findings, Dr. Çalı gave doctoral and master’s students behind-the-
scenes information into her process as she produced the paper. She not only described her and her team’s engagement with the materials, but also provided a glimpse into the analysis and thoughtful approach to
the main topic under focus, research design, and development of the terminology of “soft court”.

Hearing her replay with detail the decisions she made during the process and the method in which she made those
decisions provided all attendees with an invaluable understanding of how to write and conduct research with
clarity and intentionality. During the open Q&A portion of the workshop, Dr. Çalı astutely answered questions from students, providing them with expertise and learning lessons that each will take and apply
to their own research endeavors.

Thank you to Dr. Başak Çalı for a helpful glimpse into the research and paper creation process as well as
to all attendees for their active contribution to a productive workshop.
To read “Hard Protection through Soft Courts? Non-Refoulement before the United Nations Treaty
Bodies” by Başak Çalı, Cathryn Costello, and Stewart Cunningham, please follow the link here.